conversion leasehold

We would like to be of service to you in the conversion of the continuous right of leasehold (voortdurend) into a perpetual right (eeuwigdurend).

Below you will find a link to an overview of the costs for drawing up a notarial deed in which the conversion to perpetual leasehold is recorded per registered property.

If a mortgage right is currently established on your leasehold right, the bank may require that a new mortgage be established. In connection with this, you will also find in the quotation a cost statement for establishing a mortgage right. You will have to contact your bank to get more information.

If no new mortgage needs to be established, the procedure can be completed by proxy. If this is the case, you must sign the deed at our office.

If you wish to use our services, you can indicate this in the leasehold portal of the municipality. The municipality will then send the documents to our office, after which the deed must be signed at our office within nine months.

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